Bouquets and Butterflies


Bouquets and Butterflies

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Bouquets and Butterflies



I’m passionate about growing and all aspects of horticulture and several of years ago, I decided I wanted to grow flowers. 


I had trained as a florist and I felt terribly guilty arranging flowers with such a large carbon footprint.  So I dug up a small patch in my field, put up a polytunnel and started from there. 


In the first year I couldn’t believe how many bees, insects and butterflies there were in the plot ... hence the name “Bouquets and Butterflies”! 


I grow old fashioned English flowers such as delphiniums, snapdragons, cornflowers, borage and larkspur. I also try to grow flowers you wouldn’t find in a florist as this makes every bouquet unique and never made to a formula.

I’ve recently moved to Balsham and started a new cutting garden using the technique of raised beds as oppose to ploughing up a field! It’s been a great decision as the quality and yield of the flowers has improved. I'm also supporting British flower growers too as I need to buy in extra volume for weddings and workshops.


 I also have a workshop where I am running courses to show people how the joy of growing flowers is not only fulfilling and therapeutic but truly magical!




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